Lands Stack

$ 822.00

The Organic Collection is simple, hand-formed shapes that feel like small, wearable sculptures with subtle details.

A complete pairing of our Lands Rings.

Modeled after topographic landscapes, these simple rings are highlighted by their subtle, natural beauty. Nestling perfectly together, the landscape shifts around your finger when worn, revealing neither front nor back but an ever-changing layout.

Available in 10k yellow gold. Comes with a matte finish that polishes with wear, providing an intimate experience with your jewelry.

Lands Stack 1 Measurements - Band: Thickness 1mm // Shape: 4mm long, 3mm tall // Shape 2: 2mm long, 2mm tall

Lands Stack 2 Measurements: Band: Thickness 1mm // Shape: 10mm long, 2mm tall // Shape 2: 6mm long, 3mm tall

Lands Stack 3 Measurements - Band: Thickness 1 mm // Shape: 10mm long, 2mm tall // Shape 2: 6mm long, 2mm tall

 Lands Stack 4 Measurements - Band: Thickness 1 mm thick // Shape: 13mm long, 3mm tall // Shape 2: 6mm long, 3mm tall


Quarter sizes are available! If we do not have your ring size in stock, this item will be made specifically for your order - Please allow 2-4 weeks to produce before shipping. Feel free to contact for sizes we have in stock and other special requests!

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