Make it extra personal—these pieces are favorites to customize using special colors and birthstones for you and your loved ones.

Email us at with your customization request, and we'll walk you through the process.

Small Rhodes Necklace - WWAKE

Small Rhodes Necklace
À partir de $1,355.00

Origin Charms - WWAKE

Origin Charms
À partir de $200.00

Signature Chain

Signature Chain
À partir de $275.00

Script Chain

Script Chain
À partir de $800.00

Small Bar Chain - WWAKE

Small Bar Chain

Three-Step Necklace - WWAKE

Three-Step Necklace
À partir de $845.00

Two-Step Earring - WWAKE

Two-Step Earring - Single
À partir de $183.00

Four-Step Ring - WWAKE

Four-Step Ring
À partir de $558.00

Arc Lineage Necklace - WWAKE

Arc Lineage Necklace
À partir de $465.00

Three Points Necklace - WWAKE

Three Points Necklace
À partir de $628.00

Large Duo Charm - WWAKE

Large Duo Charm
À partir de $695.00

Medium Duo Charm - WWAKE

Medium Duo Charm
À partir de $615.00

Small Duo Charm - WWAKE

Small Duo Charm
À partir de $355.00

Medium Oval Solo Charm - WWAKE

Medium Oval Solo Charm
À partir de $315.00

Medium Round Solo Charm - WWAKE

Medium Round Solo Charm
À partir de $335.00

Large Oval Solo Charm - WWAKE

Large Oval Solo Charm
À partir de $870.00

Pearl Charm - WWAKE

Pearl Charm
À partir de $125.00