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Origin Charms - WWAKE

Origin Charms
From $200.00

Small Rhodes Necklace - WWAKE

Small Rhodes Necklace
From $1,355.00

Opal Haze Necklace

Opal Haze Necklace
From $575.00

Crest Necklace - WWAKE

Crest Necklace

Pillar Hoop - WWAKE

Pillar Hoop - Single
From $574.00

Opal Mist Necklace

Opal Mist Necklace
From $460.00

Linear Chain Necklace - WWAKE

Linear Chain Necklace
From $1,305.00

Three-Step Necklace - WWAKE

Three-Step Necklace
From $845.00