We're saying goodbye to some of our classic pieces. Don't miss your last chance at these treasures.
Four-Step Ring - WWAKE

Four-Step Ring
From $558.00

Scale Necklace - WWAKE

Scale Necklace
From $540.00

Cluster Necklace - WWAKE

Cluster Necklace
From $765.00

Long Signet Ring

Long Signet Ring
From $918.00

Small Duo Charm - WWAKE

Small Duo Charm
From $355.00

Arc Lineage Necklace - WWAKE

Arc Lineage Necklace
From $465.00

Opal Arc Necklace - WWAKE

Opal Arc Necklace
From $530.00

Posy Necklace - WWAKE

Posy Necklace
From $425.00

Dimple Ring - WWAKE

Dimple Ring